How to Run Business during Lock-down?



"How to Run Business during Lock-down? "

Edited by Anupriya Asthana

The current worldwide situation has hit the business and day to day life of human beings. The most affected sector is a small scale business and local vendors. They depend on their daily earnings and due to lock-down, they are not able to sell.
The last months of this closing financial year have turned dramatically challenging for most of us. On the one side, people need to calculate their taxes and on the other side, their work has been put on hold.
The situation is crucial and challenging for those who have not much savings to pay their bills and salaries of employees.
So, the question arises on how to sustain this economic storm. With some study and research, I have figured out a few steps. I’m sure these points will be helpful in coping up with current business challenges.

Maintaining Customer Relationship

Customer relationship is very important. We all know how competitive the work environment is. In such case-building trust and good relationship with customers is necessary to retain them.
In the current time of lock-down, try to get in touch with your customers especially who are regular via phone or emails or social network. You cannot afford to lose them just because of lock-down. Small businesses can put their contact details on a display with a message.

Customer Database

Maintaining the customer database is important to grow your business. This will help you further in contacting customers and providing services. You can also keep track of services and sort data based on regular customers or high demanding customers or high spending or low spending customers. Once your customer database is ready you can easily do follow-ups and keep in touch with them.

Door Supply

As per the government rule we are not allowed to go out or stand in a group. Authorities are continuously taking care of this. But we also know for our daily needs such as perishable items, dairy products, grocery, medicines, etc. can not be avoided.
So, if customers have your contact details or you are approaching your customers, you can take orders on call and drop them at their doorsteps. This will reduce the number of people on roads.

Advance Booking

In business like logistics, inventory, etc. advance booking can be helpful. You can book slots in advance with some percentage of payments as well. This will help with the figures of your account and provide smooth operation once the shut-down gets over.

Go Digital

Digital transformation is very helpful during the time of crises such as global shut-down. After all, it’s the digital world which is helping us to work from home. You need to keep showing your presence in the digital world. So, it’s very important to go digital. If your business is not present on the digital platform, now is the time to go digital with all possible and available resources. Taking the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn is easy and anyone can manage. 
Also, don't forget to check the security settings. With increasing traffic in the digital world, security is also very necessary. take relevant measures before going live and sharing details. 

Note: With all the above- mentioned points it's very important to maintain kindness and follow rules and regulations set by the Government of your country. 

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