September 2020

Who are Influencers?

The term 'Influencer' is quite popular these days. 
I asked some people on Instagram about their views on this term. Let's check out, what they think Influencers are. 

(Click the image to know more about them)

July 2020

What is Art?

Art has different forms and methods of representation. It is an expression that carries every emotion of life. Artists dive into the ocean of imagination and creativity. 
I asked some artists on Instagram "What is Art?" and they answered beautifully. Let's have a look at what they think the art is. 

(Click the image to know more about the artists)

(Click the image to know more about the artists)

You can also share your thoughts on art. Put them in the comment section along with your name and Instagram username (if you have).

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  1. Art is something that outgrows our thinking and prospective. Art brings that potential within us that is enough to create the new horizons. Art is just an escape to the surreal imaginations and that interlocking between our illusions and realities..!

    ©️Mukul Joshi



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