Evening Kiss

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"Evening Kiss"

Evening Kiss- A story by Anupriya Asthana

It was evening time and my sweet cravings were irresistible. I went to a nearby mall for some quick bites and waffles (my favorite). I was clicking some random pictures on the way. Some pictures of food, some pictures of the beautifully decorated garden, and some of the mall architecture. I was adjusting the camera (phone camera) and settings when the blushing sky stopped me for a while.
The Sun was glowing in smooth orange and the sky was in golden tint. The glow of the sky was different that day. The sky might be feeling sad when saying goodbye to Sun-like lovers. And the Sun might have kissed the sky more passionately to cheer her up. The golden tint was the blush that a lover gave to his partner. 
The blinking lights of the mall, golden orange sun, and blushing sky were captive enough. I got lost in reading this romantic story and forget my cravings for a while. 
The Sun Had Kissed The Sky Passionately that Day!
Sometimes, an unplanned visit gives us beautiful memories. I really miss such an evening romance in this lockdown!

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