10 Reasons Why Microlearning is Important in Corporate Training




"10 Reasons Why Microlearning is Important in Corporate Training"

Microlearning is an effective approach of training in corporates. The bit-size eLearning modules of microlearning offer high engagement, consume less time, and have cost-effective production. The complete training content is divided into small units and activities that learners can study conveniently. It is fast. The length of the modules is around five minutes. Hence, streaming is possible on a variety of devices.

Microlearning follows three basic principles- Delivery in small segments, less is more and engaging the learners. Microlearning is suitable for various corporate training such as product, onboarding of new employees, soft-skill, software, compliance, sales, customer service, etc. Microlearning is focused on specific topics and is useful for quick references. Learners can easily access the topics as per the requirement and enhance their knowledge quickly. Also, learners don't have to invest long hours in study. 

Microlearning is capable of explaining things in a simple and quick manner. Learners can achieve their learning goals instantly and boost their knowledge in a specific domain.

The Microlearning training modules are designed for specific skills and each module covers a single chapter or topic.  In order to provide more information in small chunks, the structuring of modules is done by text, images, videos, graphs, etc. This kind of training can fulfill on-demand learning in an effective manner. The sharing and accessibility of Microlearning training modules are much easy as compared to typical training. According to research, Microlearning helps learners to grasp, retain, and recollect information much better as compared to other long-duration training methods. Microlearning training modules are suitable for both face-to-face teaching and eLearning both. A well-planned and structured Microlearning module can alone offer great learning in corporate offices.       


What is Microlearning?

The process of delivering information in small and highly focused bits is known as Microlearning. Each bit/ module is based on a specific skill and suitable for quick learning. The microlearning training modules are very efficient in the knowledge transfer and development of employees incorporates. Moreover, this method of training is cost-effective as compared to traditional long hours of training sessions.

Key Benefits of Microlearning in Corporate Training

The key benefits of Microlearning in Corporate training

·       Fast Delivery

·       Affordable and flexible

·       Engaging

·       Offers Variety

·       Better retention and Focus

·       Gives freedom

Reasons Why Microlearning is Important

The ten reasons why microlearning is important in corporate training are listed below:

1.  Enhanced retention

Referring microlearning modules after full-length training sessions reinforce training topics and help learners to memorize the details effectively. It enhances the retention power of learners. The short and easy to absorb structure of microlearning modules focus on key points of the training. Hence, microlearning modules can also act as refreshers training that helps employees in recalling previous training sessions.  

2.  Just-in Place Training

When employees get stuck somewhere in a task, they either consult their team leads or any other person who is the part of the project. But consider a situation when none of them are available. In such a case, microlearning training modules can offer great help. Rather than making assumptions and wasting time, employees can simply refer to the related microlearning training modules. This saves employees from committing any blunder.

3.  Preparation of Upcoming Task

Microlearning is very useful in training employees and preparing them for the upcoming task. These small-size modules allow employees to learn and acquire knowledge for the assigned task. Microlearning does not involve long hours of study. The training session can be scheduled at any point in time. Employees can refer to these modules whenever there is a requirement and can perform a task correctly.

4.  Increase Awareness

Microlearning training modules bring awareness about an issue before its arrival. If employees are aware of the occurrence of any issue, they can plan and take safety measures beforehand. Also, a set of training sessions can be scheduled for employees in case of a number of predicted issues. This training approach is capable of heading off the problem before its arrival.

5.  Agile response to performance and safety

Microlearning is agile in responding to performance and safety issues. The microlearning modules highlighting the issue can quickly be distributed among target employees. In this way, they can easily solve the problem.

6.  Training in limited time

Most of the employees found it difficult to manage training sessions along with other work. But microlearning training modules are short and easy to access. Employees can even stream microlearning training on their smartphones and study on the go. Microlearning training modules can be completed in small frames of time easily. They give at a glance information and learning.  

7.  Meeting Opener and a welcome break

Microlearning videos are great attention-grabber. It is one of the best meeting openers. Also, dynamic video can work as a welcome break in between long training sessions. The right selection of media in microlearning modules can maintain the focus of employees high all day.

8.  Cost-effective training

The cost of production and delivery in microlearning training is much less as compared to the traditional full-length training approach. They are quick and can be easily created. Also, customization is possible in microlearning training. Based on the requirement and priorities, the training modules can be modified easily due to their small size.

9.  Enhancing corporate messaging

Rather than frequent messaging across the company to remind about certain rules and regulations, a microlearning course is more effective in reinforcing the message. It is a supplement to different kinds of messaging. 

10.             Powerful tool

Microlearning the training approach is a powerful tool in enhancing the skill set of employees. The small size of microlearning training modules allows employees to download and study offline. The microlearning approach helps in retaining key points of topics. Irrespective of workload, employees can manage learning with this approach.


Microlearning the training approach is meant for teaching in bits and less time. The flexibility of microlearning allows corporates to enhance the skills of employees without demanding extra time. The brief design of microlearning training modules makes learning quick and easy. According to the research, microlearning has high retention power as compared to traditional learning methods.    


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