Positive Sides of Being Quarantined and Social Distancing



"Positive Sides of Being Quarantined and Social Distancing"

I know it's difficult to distance yourself from others and to stay at home for days. 
Cheers to you because you are doing so great!

You are working from home but still you are waking at usual time.
You are utilizing your office travel time in doing yoga and workouts.
You are not skipping your breakfast and eating fruits as well.
You are watering your plant babies and listing old melodies.
It’s your office hour now and you are checking-in just on time.
You are sipping your favorite potion, coffee, or tea with extra sugar.
You are not taking smoking breaks rather than chatting with parents, bae, and friends.
You are not ordering meals because you have freshly prepared home food.
You are calling your school friend, pending from months.
You are researching and educating yourself, adding new skill sets.
You are not scolding anyone because there is no traffic jam and red-light signals.
You are trying your hand in the kitchen, preparing some new dishes.
You are enjoying laughs and grins because you are watching some funny childhood pics.
You have saved good money because you are not visiting restaurants, bars, and eateries.
You are tuning your guitar because it been a year you have played a song.
You are reading your favorite author in the light of the lampshade placed at the corner.
You are focusing on hygiene and decluttering your desk, shelves, and cupboards.  
You are dancing with your partner in the moonlight on his/her favorite song number.
It's not that bad to be in-home arrest because you are actually living every single second.
You are thanking GOD for keeping you safe and sound.

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  1. Something really worth read and very positive indeed. Stay healthy and blessed whosoever is reading this in this situation of pandemics.

    1. This means a lot! thanks so much. Blessings and love


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